Aneros Prostate Massager – Discover the Male G-Spot

The Aneros is a hands-free device specifically designed to stimulate the prostate. The prostate has been described as the Male G-Spot and with the Aneros stimulating it you can achieve mind-blowing orgasms. The Aneros models use no batteries or electricity of any kind to stimulate the prostate. Instead, the Aneros uses your bodies own energy. When your muscles contract around the Aneros the Aneros will move inside of your stimulating prostate. The design is very simple by design but incredibly effective.

The Aneros can be used solo or with your partner. When using the Aneros, you will have stronger erections, last longer and have better control. When you ejaculate your prostate will empty more fully which translates into stronger and more intense orgasms. The increase in your erections and the control and longevity of them will also benefit your partner when using the Aneros with your partner.

The Aneros isn’t only good when used with your partner. When used solo the Aneros will teach a man a wide variety or sexual sensations with the ultimate being the Super Orgasm. Now you may be scratching your head wondering what a Super Orgasm is? A Super Orgasm is a full body non-ejaculatory orgasm that can last up to an hour, these are non penile orgasm, these orgasms are achieved without even touching your penis. Some users experience the Super Orgasm quickly with the Aneros, for others it may take time and practice to achieve a super orgasm but the creators of the Aneros believe that every man is capable of achieving one. Even without achieving a Super Orgasm the Aneros is an excellent addition to traditional penile masturbation. When using the Aneros during traditional masturbation the addition of prostate stimulation will provide you with stronger orgasms and ejaculations.

The Aneros is also good for prostate health. The Aneros helps to increase blood flow to the prostate and helps to relieve congestion in the prostate area. It has been well documented that prostate massage is a very effective means of maintaining a health prostate and a healthy prostate means better sex!

There are several different Aneros models to choose from, one for just about every taste. Please take a look around the site and read the reviews and if you have an Aneros of your own, please feel free to leave a review of your own. I know that when I am researching a product that I am thinking of buying I love hearing honest reviews from people who already own it.

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